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2nd January

Predominant or predominate?

Predominate: according to the online Free dictionary, this intransitive verb means to “have or gain controlling power or influence”. Adding  the suffix -ly turns this into an adverb.  But is predominately interchangeable with the word predominantly? I have lost count of … Continue reading

9th January

Why I’ve gone off Newspapers: Part One

I CAN REMEMBER very clearly when I first decided I wanted to be a journalist. I was twelve, and overjoyed at the thought it might be possible to write for my local paper and get paid for it. Until then, … Continue reading

5th November

GCSE results fiasco shows why these exams need an overhaul

NOT FOR THE first time since the summer, GCSE grading has hit the headlines. After recording the first dip in results since the examinations were introduced in the late 80s, it emerged some exam boards took the decision to mark … Continue reading