2014 May

30th May

Youth: my hope lies beyond the headlines

THIS IS A blog post I attempted to post in January 2014, but the computer network crashed and it didn’t upload. I post it now, as I believe the general thrust of the argument I make still holds true in … Continue reading

28th May

Word play: envisaged or envisioned?

What can of worms have I opened with use of ‘envisaged’ versus ‘envision’ I wonder? Probably a debate over whether it’s best to UK English or American English! That’s because ‘envisage’ and ‘envision’ technically mean the same thing: to visualise … Continue reading

23rd May

Why I’ve gone off newspapers, part two: balance

IN THE MAINSTREAM media there seems to be a trend towards scaremongering for an optimum number of clicks or sales. You may recall my earlier blog about the power of emotive language to frighten and depress us in newspapers. This … Continue reading

21st May

Word play: Circumvented or circumnavigated?

TWO WORDS THAT may get inadvertently mixed up are ‘circumvented’ and ‘circumnavigated’. Here is an example of misuse: ‘There was a business deal on the table with some tricky elements, but we managed to circumnavigate those to get what we wanted’. … Continue reading