2016 January

4th January

Marketing for SMEs part two: master the old-school media

IN MY LAST post, I outlined some of the great free webtools available that small businesses and sole traders can use to help promote their endeavours. For example, social media campaigns are a great way to tap into new markets … Continue reading

2nd January

Predominant or predominate?

Predominate: according to the online Free dictionary, this intransitive verb means to “have or gain controlling power or influence”. Adding  the suffix -ly turns this into an adverb.  But is predominately interchangeable with the word predominantly? I have lost count of … Continue reading

2nd January

Marketing for small business: part one

MARKETING YOUR SMALL business doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, there’s quite a lot that you can do for free if you have the discipline to sit down in front of your computer or smart device for a … Continue reading