We edit

You know your business best, from your clients to your USPs, but writing translating that knowledge clearly and concisely for a newsletter, blog or web page isn’t always easy. Our editing service for London and the South East is designed to help any kind of SME or sole trader add wit and sparkle to their communications. We’ll revamp your first draft until it’s perfect.


We proofread


Spotting errors before they go to print is our forte! At Word Wizard we are trained to read your finished article, newsletter or blog with an eagle eye. We’ll help you eliminate spelling and grammatical errors, so that your clients receive slick, accurate communications that reflect well on your brand and business.


We write press releases


Contacting the media to tell them about your great new venture or event can be a daunting prospect. That’s why it’s essential to have all the important information a journalist might need in one handy sheet of A4 – we can write you a press release tailored to any media market of your choice, and provide advice on how to go about getting your event promoted.


We love ghostwriting

Telling your life story is a fantastic idea – but writing notes, shaping chapters and determining who your audience is can make creating the book itself a difficult task. At Word Wizard we offer a ghostwriting service for anyone with a tale to tell. We’ll take your notes and interview you until all the information is in place, and then write it. We’ll work on it until you’re happy with the end result. Then all you have to do is commit it to an online e-reader service or find yourself a publisher!


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